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Silvia Bortoloni

Freelance Illustrator

My Skills

Artistic Skills

Illustration and digital sculpting.
Traditional paintings (oils, acrylics, watercolors…)
Photography and photo-editing

Technical Skills

My skills and specialities include:
Adobe Photoshop (advanced)
Adobe inDesign 
Zbrush (base)
Blender (base)


Costume design with Mirko Failoni

“Character Design” with Antonio De Luca
“Corso Online ZBrush Livello Base” with Daniele “Danko” Angelozzi
“Environment Design” with Antonio De Luca and Roman Kuteynikov
– “Zbrush: scultura finalizzata alla stampa 3D” with Daniele “Danko” Angelozzi
“Concept art – Environment 3D” with Roman Kuteynikov
“Creazione di Mondi Fantastici” with Paolo Parente
–  “La realizzazione di una creatura fantastica” with Paolo Barbieri
–  “The Art of sketching from Imagination” with Karl Kopinski
– “Lavoro e pensiero dietro un’immagine” with Adrian Smith
– “Realizzare illustrazioni per l’editoria” with Katerina Ladon and Massimo Cranchi
– “Shape & Environment” with Massimo Porcella
– “Illustration Fundamentals” with Roberto Bianchi

About Me

Hi! I’m Silvia. I was born in 1995 in Lodi, a small town near Milan (Italy).
Since I was a child I loved to draw and very soon I realized that the only future I saw for myself was full of colors and fantastic creatures.
I then began to study art in high school; graduated in Painting and Visual Arts at NABA; attended a master in Digital Illustration at iMasterArt, here in my country. My desire to learn is not exhausted so I always participate in talks and workshops of various artists such as Paolo Barbieri, Karl Kopinski, Adrian Smith ecc.